Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Music video review: Pursuit of happiness

Kid Cudi is the greatest.

 Kid Cudi's video for Pursuit of happiness is easily one of the most enjoyable and visually stunning music videos that has come out in a long time. It has slowly becoming a requirement in rap music to have girls, money, and guns all over the videos, though Kid Cudi  has gone on in articles about openly using drugs, the fact that he was satisfied with this video as a finished product is really cool and allowed him to seperate himself from the rap music stereotypes.

The moon man named Cudi

Cudi has dramatically changed the way his genre of music is percieved, nothing that he does is expected and because of that everything he has made in this of his career at this point has made him an important name in hiphop.

Why is this video so great?

From the begining scene where he keeps on trying to get up off the couch I was hooked, the different effects used in this video kept me watching every little thing that was going on in it. How many videos have you seen in your life time where a boat comes floating through your living room? It's safe to say that this is probably the first time ever. Surprisingly, this is a second version of the video with the originally just showing Kid Cudi partying and drinking with friends also known as every other music video ever made. Thankfully this version of the video was released and affectively sets the type of feelings you would have listening to this album. Kid Cudi's album Man on the moon has been out since last year but if you haven't had the chance to listen to it yet I highly recomend you do.


  1. Kid Cudi is definitely one of the current main stream artists that are keeping it real. He isn't glamorizing his lyrics with sex, drugs, and money. I feel he is taking his lyrics from the heart and is speaking from the point of view that many Americans could relate to. My opinion on the music video, it's so different and unique that it actually leaves you wondering what message he was trying to get across to his audience. Unlike other artists which have no substance to their music videos with extreme sexual innuendos.

  2. Kid Cudi understand that he doesn't need the usual superficial crap you see in rap videos today. He's got talent and creativity and isn't afraid to get out there and do something new.