Monday, September 27, 2010

Why listen to the original?

I'm sure that at some point in life you have hummed,whistled,or sang a song that just couldn't get out of your head. Now a days (through the magic of the internet) more and more people are posting their take on a song by their favorite artists. Some of them aren't very good (actually most of them aren't very good) but then out of the blue someone really blows you away with their rendition and it makes me at times want to listen to their version more than the original.What I have for you are my top five favorite youtube cover songs.

5. Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)- Michael Froh

Michael Froh is Canadian born and from Saskatchewan which I think adds to the cover because it is always great to see Canadian artists doing something (shout outs to Justin Bieber). The whole take on this song and making it appeal to his genre of music is super catchy and have you ever tried to do a Kings of Leon song on Rockband? Not a very easy thing to do at all, though I can score a 95 percent on hard, just saying.

4. Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffet cover)- Coffey Anderson

First of all its a Jimmy Buffet song, thats already a win. Coffey Anderson is pretty hilarious in his other posts so I highly suggest you listen to his covers, his style brings the songs a southern gospel sound and the cowboy hat makes it even more awesome.

3. Can't help but wait/ So sick (Trey Songz and Ne-yo Cover)- Passion

Passion's ability to create medleys from the latest songs on the radio is really what makes his cover songs impressive. His popularity in Filipino community is pretty amazing too for someone who has not made any commercial success, he could put a show on out here in Edmonton and near sell it out. Passion creates a jazz type feel to all of his covers keeping them pretty interesting to listen to.

2. Gravity  (John Mayer cover)- Jason Arimoto (Facemeltingukelele)

A steel ukulele for a John Mayer cover? At first imression I thought this was going to sound like a typical Hawaiian sounding cover but was pleasantly suprised. I don't know who's version is better John Mayer or Jason Arimoto? What I do know is Jason does not do any of the creepy faces that John does when playing guitar.

1. Hey ya (Outkast cover)- King of slugs

This was pretty much everyones favorite song in 2004 and I have seen so many covers of this song. Majority of them a similar to the one by Obadiah Parker. This brother and sister version takes the win and it will probably replace the original version in all of your minds forever! With a unique sounding voice like this it makes you wonder how Justin Bieber makes it and this gets overlooked.


  1. Nice post man... I was really happy to see a slick cover done with a ukulele! Although I hope that I don't look half as sad as that guy does when I play mine. But compared to his picking, I'm still a major beginner. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that Coffey guy's video because the whole time I thought he was Cowboy Troy (the rapping country singer, who SHOULD be on this list!). I totally picked up on the bro and sis' accent in the video too, for some reason I dig when accents come out in singing, especially acoustic songs.

  2. I enjoyed the cover of the "Margaritaville" song, really good. I like listening to people do covers of other songs too, one that paricularly comes to mind is Chris Daughtry doing his rendition of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". You should check it out.

  3. Good find on the Outkast kids, that performance had me shaking it was so good. I love finding music that people have listened to for years and someone else shapes it into their own, so that even more people can enjoy it. It is so nice to see people without agents and record contracts make music for the world to hear.

  4. Awesome cover on the Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. That was so unique! I love Passion. His fingerstyle guitar playing is amazing. I have his So Sick cover on my iPod and a few of his originals.